Travel Destinations In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country filled with the beauty of mother nature to explore. From huge mountains and hills, deserts and forests, beaches and oasis to modern cities and historical sites. It’s a country filled with endless adventure and exploration. The people are the most welcoming and the culture of this country makes you more curious about it as you explore it. Here are a few tourist attractions and travel destinations in Pakistan that you must visit, which were provided by my dear friend in California who owns a popular Long Beach landscape design and build construction company.

Shah Faisal Mosque

The first tourist attraction on our list is from the Capital of Pakistan. It’s a mesmerizing and huge mosque and also used as an Iconic symbol in the world that represents the capital (Islamabad). It’s nestled next to Marshalls Hills with beautiful views and has a blend of modern and historical architecture. It was a gift from King Faisal of Saudia Arabia and had cost (pegged at around $120 million today), it’s so huge that just the prayer hall and courtyard are said to hold 100,000. And it’s in a city that portrays all four seasons of the year with greenery all around it, making it a top tourist attraction in Pakistan.

Lahore Fort

It was many times damaged even demolished and rebuilt before getting its current form that Emperor Akbar gave in 1566 when Lahore was chosen as the capital of the Mughal Empire. The Lahore Fort is one of the biggest attractions of the old City.

Karkhanai Bazaar

On the edge of Peshawar when you head towards Khyber pass you’ll find Karkhanai Bazaar. It’s famous for providing goods on sale that were imported through Pakistan for Afghanistan and then smuggled back through the small tribal areas to avoid duty charges. You’ll find everything thing here from branded watches to cars for a cut-price of up to half of their actual worth.

Buddhist Monastery

This Buddhist Monastery is situated on a very rough rocky hill 15km Northwest of Mardan is the top tourist attraction in NWFP. It was very active through 1st and 7th Centuries AD than was abandoned until finally giving away it’s secrets to British archeologist from 1907 to 1914, in which time some parts of the sites were reconstructed.

Mausoleum Of Sheikh Rukn-I-Alam

Right in the heart of Multan, you’ll see a huge and crowded tomb, As you enter the tomb lying just inside the main entrance this masterpiece of Mughal architectures is one of the most attractive shrines. A pious and widely loved scholar, Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fatah (1251-1334), commonly known as Sheikh Rukn-i-Alam (Pillar of the World), became head of the Suhrawardiya Sufi branch introduced to the region by his father Baha-ud-Din Zakaria, and is regarded as the patron saint of Multan. Just like some other spots on this list it’s also filled with historical vibes.

Boat Basin Food Street

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan holding more than 10% of its population. You’ll find people from every corner of Pakistan living in this city and they all bring the best of their local culture with them, same goes for it’s famous food street. Right next to the beach you’ll find Boat Basin Food street, food is in the blood of people of Karachi and with the population of different backgrounds and culture you’ll find the some of the best dishes from all over the Pakistan in its food street. From sweets to savouries no one can beat this food street. Karachi is most famous for their amazingly cooked rice dish known as biryani, it’s a must-have if you’re a foodie and like something a bit spicier. Even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie you must try it since you won’t find that taste of biryani anywhere aside from Karachi.

Those were a few of many travel Destinations in Pakistan but once explore the culture and beauty of this country you’ll want to explore it even further more and I assure you that this list wasn’t even a tip of the Iceberg of exploration that you can explore and enjoy in this beautiful country.

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