Travel Destinations In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country filled with the beauty of mother nature to explore. From huge mountains and hills, deserts and forests, beaches and oasis to modern cities and historical sites. It’s a country filled with endless adventure and exploration. The people are the most welcoming and the culture of this country makes you more curious about it as you explore it. Here are a few tourist attractions and travel destinations in Pakistan that you must visit, which were provided by my dear friend in California who owns a popular Long Beach landscape design and build construction company.

Shah Faisal Mosque

The first tourist attraction on our list is from the Capital of Pakistan. It’s a mesmerizing and huge mosque and also used as an Iconic symbol in the world that represents the capital (Islamabad). It’s nestled next to Marshalls Hills with beautiful views and has a blend of modern and historical architecture. It was a gift from King Faisal of Saudia Arabia and had cost (pegged at around $120 million today), it’s so huge that just the prayer hall and courtyard are said to hold 100,000. And it’s in a city that portrays all four seasons of the year with greenery all around it, making it a top tourist attraction in Pakistan.

Lahore Fort

It was many times damaged even demolished and rebuilt before getting its current form that Emperor Akbar gave in 1566 when Lahore was chosen as the capital of the Mughal Empire. The Lahore Fort is one of the biggest attractions of the old City.

Karkhanai Bazaar

On the edge of Peshawar when you head towards Khyber pass you’ll find Karkhanai Bazaar. It’s famous for providing goods on sale that were imported through Pakistan for Afghanistan and then smuggled back through the small tribal areas to avoid duty charges. You’ll find everything thing here from branded watches to cars for a cut-price of up to half of their actual worth.

Buddhist Monastery

This Buddhist Monastery is situated on a very rough rocky hill 15km Northwest of Mardan is the top tourist attraction in NWFP. It was very active through 1st and 7th Centuries AD than was abandoned until finally giving away it’s secrets to British archeologist from 1907 to 1914, in which time some parts of the sites were reconstructed.

Mausoleum Of Sheikh Rukn-I-Alam

Right in the heart of Multan, you’ll see a huge and crowded tomb, As you enter the tomb lying just inside the main entrance this masterpiece of Mughal architectures is one of the most attractive shrines. A pious and widely loved scholar, Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fatah (1251-1334), commonly known as Sheikh Rukn-i-Alam (Pillar of the World), became head of the Suhrawardiya Sufi branch introduced to the region by his father Baha-ud-Din Zakaria, and is regarded as the patron saint of Multan. Just like some other spots on this list it’s also filled with historical vibes.

Boat Basin Food Street

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan holding more than 10% of its population. You’ll find people from every corner of Pakistan living in this city and they all bring the best of their local culture with them, same goes for it’s famous food street. Right next to the beach you’ll find Boat Basin Food street, food is in the blood of people of Karachi and with the population of different backgrounds and culture you’ll find the some of the best dishes from all over the Pakistan in its food street. From sweets to savouries no one can beat this food street. Karachi is most famous for their amazingly cooked rice dish known as biryani, it’s a must-have if you’re a foodie and like something a bit spicier. Even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie you must try it since you won’t find that taste of biryani anywhere aside from Karachi.

Those were a few of many travel Destinations in Pakistan but once explore the culture and beauty of this country you’ll want to explore it even further more and I assure you that this list wasn’t even a tip of the Iceberg of exploration that you can explore and enjoy in this beautiful country.

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Best Places to Visit in Oxford, ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’

Located in Oxfordshire county is the world-famous city of Oxford. Popular for its University of Oxford established in the 11th century, the city has spread the fame of England to all corners of the world since medieval times. Besides the 900-year-old University of Oxford, the city is home to some of the oldest towers, colleges, cathedrals, streets, and art museums. Also, the city is one of the most-visited destinations in the UK that has the finest restaurants, resorts, and recreational facilities in the world. For most of the year, the city enjoys maritime temperate weather except for a few months in winter. Described below are a few major landmarks in the city that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. 

Pitt Rivers Museum

Established in 1884, the Pitt Rivers Museum is located near the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It is one of the oldest museums in England visited by over 500,000 tourists every year. Located on Parks Road, the museum is accessible only through the adjoining Museum of Natural History where you can see an amazing display of dinosaur fossils. The Pitt Rivers Museum has a vast collection of archaeological exhibits collected from different corners of the earth. It also displays numerous anthropological artifacts like statues, paintings, and figures. Some of the notable displays in this section include the Haida totem pole, the shrunken heads, skulls, and ancient boats.

Oxford Castle and Prison

If you are interested in the history of this fascinating city, you should visit the Oxford Castle and Prison. The 1000-year old stone castle has a prison that has housed many prisoners during the 18th and 19th centuries. As per historians the prison even held children as prisoners and subjected them to hard labor. The historic facts and tales related to the castle and the prison are quite fascinating and tourists thoroughly enjoy the guided tours offered here. Another spot in the castle that offers an amazing view of the city is the famous St George’s Tower. The tower building that was built during the Saxon times is older than the castle. Attached to the tower building is a crypt alongside a chapel that looks magnificent with its ancient pillars and stone arches.

Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology located on Beaumont Street is the oldest university museum in the world. The museum was originally built in the 1670s and later the present structure was constructed during the 1840s. The 337-year-old museum has lots of artworks from medieval times. The most popular exhibits include drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Modern paintings include works by world-renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Peter Paul Rubens, William Hunt, John Constable, and Edward Jones. Other famous exhibits of historic value are the Alfred Jewel, the Parian Marble, and Oliver Cromwell’s death mask. The museum also has some rare Egyptian artifacts such as the Statue of Sobek that depicts the mythological crocodile god and was recovered from the Amenemhat III temple pyramid. Another Egyptian attraction is the Narmer Macehead which was discovered at the site of the ancient city of Nekhen.

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Places to Visit on Your Honolulu Tour

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and the main entry point for tourists to the state. The major areas in Honolulu are Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, and Downtown. Waikiki is one of the most populated areas in the U.S. Downtown is the historically known part of the city with many sightseeing spots. If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of Honolulu city, go to the quieter neighborhoods.

Here are some of the places you should include in your Honolulu tour itinerary.

Waikiki Beach

Located in the southern part of Honolulu, Waikiki has gorgeous beaches and lots of entertainment and shopping opportunities. It is the main center for surfing enthusiasts. The Waikiki Historic Trail, The Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki beach walk and International Market Place are the important spots for the tourists.

Lolani Palace

Built-in 1882 for King Kalakaua, Lolani palace is a great way to understand the history of Hawaii’s royal family. This building in neo-classical style was converted to a museum in 1978. This palace has entered the national register of historic places. The interior of the palace has elaborately carved wooden panels. The visitors can see the original throne and chandelier used by the royals in the throne room. The façade of the building is adorned with stained glass and has intricate designs.

Manoa Waterfalls and Lyon Arboretum 

Lyon Arboretum is a botanical garden located on the way to Manoa Falls. The botanical garden spreads over 194 acres and features a vast collection of tropical plants in the Polynesian and Hawaiian region. You can see the largest collection of palm trees at this garden along with many other themed gardens like bromeliad garden, herb and spice garden, etc. The Manoa falls is a natural waterfall of about 150 feet. Bathing in the falls is permitted.

Bishop Museum

 Bishop Museum is the state museum of Hawaii and it has a good collection of art and culture-related materials. Hawaiian feathered caps, helmets, feathered royal flags called ‘Kahilis’, etc., are the permanent exhibits of the museum. Visitors can get a glimpse of the natural history of the region, know about the traditional occupations and see the objects brought by the early Japanese and Chinese settlers here. The museum also houses the Watumull planetarium which offers shows on celestial topics, Polynesian culture, etc.

Pearl Harbor

Your Honolulu tour will not get complete if you do not visit this natural harbor and national historic landmark. Pearl Harbor is one of the most visited tourist spots in Honolulu. This is an active naval base and also houses various attractions related to its military history during World War II. USS Arizona Memorial, USS Utah Memorial Ford Island, Battleship Row are some of them. The museum also features hangars with aircraft from World War II, aircraft carrier flight simulators, videos, historic photographs, etc. The tour to the memorials starts from the visitor center at Pearl Harbor after a film about the 1941 attack.

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Must-Visit Places in Kyoto City

One of Japan’s largest cities, Kyoto is surrounded by the Central Honshu. Higher educational institutions and universities are established in this city making it the educational hub of the country. It is also one of the greatest destinations that both local tourists and other parts of the world love to explore. There is something unique about this city that is difficult to find in any other city in Japan. Kyoto has been able to preserve its past atmosphere. It is celebrated as the principal center of the culture of Japan for more than 1100 years. It is also famous for being the Emperor’s residence. Kyoto is proud to boast off numerous things that make it extraordinary as a city.

Listed below are some of the places that are a must-watch for you while vacationing in Kyoto.

Kinkaku-Ji Temple

The Kinkaku-Ji, also known as the Golden Pavilion is one of the picturesque areas of Kyoto. It is considered the main tourist destination too. It is originally a 14th-century building that was the retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Now it has been turned into a Zen Buddhist temple. The name of the temple takes its name from the gold leaf that adorns the top two out of its three floors. The design element is believed to improve any negativity. If you want to get a different perspective of the temple or to avoid the crowds during summer, you can opt for visiting this place during winter or autumn.

Nijo Castle

The Nijo Castle is a complex that was built in the year 1603 complete with walls, a moat, and towers that have been preserved well. Later, it served as the government seat. The area has several buildings that contain numerous significant arts and it is also renowned because this is the location that was chosen by the Emperor for issuing the rescript that abolished the Shogunate, once-powerful of the country. Ninomaru Palace is the most important building of Nijo Castle. It consists of five buildings that are separate from each other by linked corridors. The interior decorations of these buildings are exquisite with paintings done by Kano Tanyu and his students.

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

The temple of Kiyomizu-Dera is situated in the eastern part of Kyoto. It has also been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The pleasing location is on the Otowa Mountain that overlooks the city of Kyoto. This temple was founded in AD 790 and is dedicated to the Buddhist Mercy Goddess, Kanon. You can also see a statue of the goddess here. The highlighted areas include a large terrace that is located at the Main Hall that is built on pillars of 30-meter height and cross beams of five rows. It was used as a stage for ceremonies and dance performances of the temple.  You can enjoy a wonderful stroll along the charming TeaPot Lane which has craft stores and small shops alongside. Fall is the best time to visit this temple when you will see the changing colors of the leaves.

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